Wasps, Ants, Bees, Sawflies

Photographs of Wasp, Ants, Bees, Sawflies
Ant milking Leafhopper NymphsAnts milking Leafhoppers Nymphs 5769Ants milking Leafhoppers Nymphs 2796Ant milking Leafhoppers 2745Ant  Milking Scale InsectsAnt 1319Bee Cluster 2489Black Digger Wasp - Sphex cognatus 4953Black Digger Wasp - Sphex cognatus 5136Black Digger Wasp - Sphex cognatus 4951Black Digger Wasp - Sphex cognatus 5355Digger Wasp - Sphex cognatus  5779Black Digger Wasp - Sphex cognatus 6331Black Spider Wasp - Fabriogenia spBlue Banded Bee 2960Blue Banded Bee 3111Blue Banded Bee 4218European BeeBraconidae sp 5243Braconidae sp 1179Braconidae sp 6219Flower Wasp 4064Hairy Flower Wasps - Campsomeris tasmaniensisFlower Wasp  Dew 6750Green Headed Ant, head detail -   - Rhytidoponera metallicaDewy Ant 6198Green Headed Ant eating WaspGreen Headed Ant  - Rhytidoponera metallica 6954Green Headed Ant with Grub -Green Headed Ant with Slater - Rhytidoponera metallicaIchneumon WaspGreen Headed Ants with Earthworm - Rhytidoponera metallicaBraconid Wasp 6457Ichneumon Wasp 3810Mating WaspsMud Dauber Wasp 2Mud Dauber WaspOrange Caterpillar Parasite WaspOrange Caterpillar Parasite WaspOrange Spider Wasp - Cryptocheilus sp. 6040Orchid Dupe Wasp - Lissopimpla excelsaGreen Headed Ant - Rhytidoponera metallicaWhite-faced Brown Paper Wasp - Ropalidia  plebeianaWhite-faced Brown Paper Wasp - Ropalidia  plebeiana  2Potter WaspSand Wasp - Bembix palmataResin Bees 2982Resin Bees 5755Two-toned Caterpillar Parasite Wasp -  Heteropelma scaposumWasp 2497Wasp  Dew 6359Wasp 5094Spider with European Bee