Digital Infrared Photography

Infrared Photographs taken with a converted DSLR camera.

There are two ways of taking infrared images with a digital camera. Most DSLR’s have a filter on the sensor that blocks infrared light from reaching the sensor.

First, you can add a filter on your lens to block the visible light.  The problem with using filters is that  they require extremely long exposure times, which usually eliminates any type of photography that has movement in the image. The second option, is to have your DSLR converted to only take infrared images.  This involves removing the IR blocking filter over the sensor, and replacing it with one that blocks visible light only.  Altho you can do this conversion yourself, there are several companies which specialize in this field and they will also calibrate the camera for you.

Images in this gallery were taken with a converted Canon D60 and post processed in Adobe Photoshop.