_JH_1734Jenni Horsnell resides in Australia and is a dedicated photographer and naturalist. Her work reflects a lifelong love of nature, specialising in close-up and macro images where she captures the beauty and detail of insects, spiders and fungi. Jenni also spends a large amount of time photographing birds and their behaviour.

Jenni photographs her subjects using Canon bodies and lenses. All subjects in the nature galleries were photographed in the field under natural conditions.

Over the last forty years, Jenni has gained many awards for her nature and pictorial images. In recognition of her international photographic successes, she has been awarded the ‘Fellowship’ (FAPS) Distinction by the Australian Photographic society,  the award of ‘Excellence’ (EFIAP) by the International Federation of Photographic Art  and the award of ‘Grand Master’, Silver (GMPSA/S) by the Photographic Society of America.

Jenni has won the Portfolio prize for the best six images three times and the Animal Behaviour Section  in the ANZANG Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition. She has also received runner-up in the Botanical Section and several highly commended awards.

Jenni’s other great passions are floral photography using creative types of lighting and digital manipulation of her non-nature  images.  Jenni’s photographic  works and articles have been published in several magazines including Digital Reproduction, Australian Photography and  Australian Geographic.  She has also been involved in scientific photography for various research publications and tertiary teaching aids.

If you would like information about any of the images, you can contact Jenni